Woman and Girls Can Initiative "A woman bettering her living”

Our impacts

Building Women and girls’ Collective Power and Igniting Change:

The Women and Girls Can Initiative (WaGCI) was founded to build women and Girls’ collective power across race and class from the ground up. For years to come, we shall have transformed the lives of Christian women, girls, families and communities and advanced women and girls’ solutions for equitable policy and culture change nationwide.

Since 2010, the Women and Girls Can Initiative (WaGCI) has delivered strategic skills-building, leadership development, networking and other critical support to thousands of cutting-edge, grassroots women and girls.

Our Work

We are to consistently take smart risks, pioneered innovative strategies and lead on the most critical issues of our time—from age-based violence prevention and HIV/AIDS to women and girls’ economic security and reproductive justice.

We intend to identify and build the capacity of emerging women and girls to become powerful leaders and productive agents, providing a lifeline to women and girls often unknown to other organizations. We are to seed and strengthen social movements that will mobilize vital constituencies and solutions for social change. And we are to bring the voices and vision of women and girls across race and class—long excluded from centers of power—to decision-making tables throughout our communities.

Vision statement

A liberated womanhood and girl able to articulate and defend their rights as well as being able to take practical steps to improve their quality of life.

Mission Statement

To mobilize and empower women and girls to be in the vanguard to remove health, illiteracy, economical, social, cultural and political barriers in order to enhance their status and improve their lives.

Goal of WaGCI

Women and girls free from gender inequalities and able to demonstrate positive changes in their lives resulting from improved economic well being, health services sensitive to special women needs, better family planning, enhanced education opportunities and improved awareness of their rights and self confidence.


  • To create awareness among women and girls about the merits of family planning and reproductive health issues.
  • To sensitize women and girls about their rights regarding inheritance, education, medicare.
  • To promote better health through programmes in nutrition, sanitation, epidemic prevention for example malaria. HIV/AIDS etc.
  • To reduce incidences of child pregnancies and early marriages.
  • To reduce/ eliminate the growing threat of domestic violence.
  • To mobilize women to address the ills of environmental degradation and the importance of a sound food security programme.
  • To organize women and girls to combat poverty through setting up Income Generating Projects at household level and micro finance schemes that promote individual saving.
  • To lobby government and churches as well as networking with other organizations with similar objectives in order to influence policy in favor of our rural women and girls.

Core Value

Dignity of women and girls.

Other Values:

  • To provide life-changing, high quality programs for Christian women and girls.
  • To provide Christian life-changing and high quality experiences to the women / girls developing and delivering the humanitarian programs.
  • To promote and provide a Christian environment that allows girls and women to reach their full Christian potential.
  • To envious protect and conserve our environment and promote eco-friendly atmosphere as Christian women and girls.
  • To positively transform how girls and women perceive themselves and their place in society.