In June 2010, Gertrude Nakintu founded this transforming woman and girls’ Initiative, the Women and Girls Can Initiative (WaGCI). It is a Christian based women organization but inter denominational to beneficiaries because we believe and acknowledge that need has no boundary.

After recognizing the gross injustices suffered by women and girls in her home area, the founder member of WaGCI, Ms Nakintu Gertrude resolved to do something about it. She set aside a sum of money from her monthly salary and formed WaGCI. She was later joined by other women she talked to and they too made contributions and through their joint effort they have over the period managed to expand membership to 21.

The organization’s belief is that women and girls can mobilise, be mobilized and organized into a force to fight for their rights and improve their quality of life once they are made aware of their plight and the fact that it is in their power to change their situations for the better. WaGCI also recognizes the importance of networking with other organizations with similar ideals and with partners in and outside Uganda sympathetic to their cause.

When our Lord Jesus Christ stated that He came so that mankind would have full, abundant life, He indeed included women in that statement. Only cultural and social prejudices and biases in different societies have tended to exclude women and girls from enjoying that divine blessing like men do. Recognizing the existence of these inequities against women and girls, Women and Girls Can Initiative [WaGCI] was formed to address these inequities and enable women and girls in Masaka District of Uganda live a full meaningful life free from health, cultural, economical and social encumbrances set up by men, just as our Lord Jesus Intended.
WaGCI is Christian based and embraces the values of the gospel of Jesus Christ but welcomes members from all religious denominations and atheists: the only credential one has to have is being a woman and girl. Race and ethnicity have no relevance in WaGCI ideals or activities. Through a broad range of objectives, WaGCI seeks to realize its vision which is transforming the fortunes of women so that they can live a dignified life, just like our Lord Jesus intended. Chief among those objectives is the creation of awareness of their God given rights, defend them and seek to influence policy makers to recognize and respect those rights.

Established as a Christian feminist movement, the Women and Girls Can Initiative (WaGCI) was created to do something unheard of at the time: to deliver assistance, mobilize strategic resources and identify impoverished women and girls that can contribute to elevating women and girls voices and solutions across race, faith, age and class in communities of the region. Our founding woman believes strongly in women and girls’ collective power to ignite positive spiritual, health, social and economic change. She also knows that women and girls who face discrimination and inequity in their own lives have the wisdom and expertise to advance social change that would benefit everyone. Understanding all that, she began an initiative that would seed and strengthen women and girls’ grassroots lives around the region and strive to create a vibrant, inclusive Christian feminist movement in which everyone’s voice is visible, valued and heard—a movement to thrive for generations to come

For one and half year ago, in a small room in Mpugwe town  , the Women and Girls Can Initiative (WaGCI) was started with proceeds from  Gertrude’s salary and royalties from other members who had heard her voice.


Mrs.Robinah Eva Kamya a wife to Rtd Bishop Rt.Rev.Dr.Samuel Kefa Kamya is the Patron of this organizing and we feel proud of her involvement in our initiatives by providing advice,finance, time and prayer.

Gradually, with the visionary and generous support of numerous individuals and fundraisings, we grew into an organization that today has 21 members who involve themselves in cake making, credit and saving, small scale farming, livestock farming and crafts making and supporting 31 girls for primary and secondary education. These girls go to Angels of Hope Junior School, Good Shepherd Christian Junior School, Lyna Infants Primary school and Victoria College. We ensure that these beneficiaries get scholastic materials, tuition and any other requirement.

We have also enrolled one women with our new campaign “A woman bettering her living” who was given 40,000/= start banana selling and maize roasting in a town of Lukaya.

Who is Gertrude Nakintu:

Gertrude Nakintu is a female Ugandan in her late 20s, a committed Christian but with great love for women and girls progress in their lives.

She holds a diploma in Business Administration and Management from Buganda Royal Institute of Business and Technical Education and a current second year student at Mutesa I Royal University doing a degree in Business Management.

She is currently employed as an accountant in the Accounts department of West Buganda Diocese where she has worked for 5 years. She was/is also the personal assistant of the former and current diocesan Bishops.

She is a soroptimist to Proposed Soroptimist International Club of Masaka in Uganda.